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We leverage decades of recovery experience to help you make the smart recovery choice

Using this extensive experience, we will guide you to recovering your debt in the way that maximizes your return. We provide comprehensive judgment, civil enforcement, collections, and locate services.

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crg judgment


When a debtor owns land or has good employment, obtaining a judgment opens the door to highly effective recovery tools.

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crg enforcement


With a judgment, security agreement, rental lease, or other order in hand, our enforcement services enable you to seize assets, sell land, garnish wages or evict tenants.

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crg collections


We motivate debtors to make restitution quickly. This solution is ideal for individuals without significant assets. 

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crg locate

Locate Services

If you are unsure of employment, asset or even personal location, we can help you find out where to begin utilizing our locate services.

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When a debtor owns land, personal property, or has good employment, obtaining a judgment opens the door to highly effective recovery tools. Our in-house judgment services department will take the necessary actions to acquire and enforce a judgment to recover the debt completely.

A closer look at our Judgment Services

crg judgment01

Acquiring a judgment can provide a greater opportunity for debt recovery. It affords a greater success rate and typically a much higher net recovery. It also preserves your right to collect the debt well into the future, allowing you to be patient if the debtor acquires assets worth seizing in the future. Acquiring judgment may be the best strategy to pursue if the debtor holds a steady job or owns property such as house, cars, or any other valuable personal property.

The CRS Judgment Services department provides the services required to both acquire and enforce a judgment, navigating complex legal challenges. Over the years of providing this service, CRS has continued to refine the process by which a file is administered to ensure it is not only highly efficient, but also extremely cost effective. CRS provides this service both in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

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With a judgment of security agreement in hand, our enforcement and bailiff services enable you to seize assets or garnish wages. We provide unmatched expertise, service and dedication in an effort to recover your money and enforce your rights.

A closer look at our Enforcement Services


crg collections05

With your judgment, security agreement or other supporting agreements, you are entitled to seize the debtor’s personal property to satisfy your debt. Options can include vehicles, furniture, equipment, bank accounts, and shares.

Sale of Land

crg collections06

Your judgment entitles you to sell land owned by the debtor to satisfy your debt. Sale of Land can be an incredibly effective method for recovery, yielding the highest net recovery rates possible.

Vehicle Recovery

crg collections07

If you have a security agreement, lease agreement or a garage keepers’ lien and the debtor defaults, we can seize these assets without obtaining a judgment first.


Landlord & Tenant

crg collections07

As a residential or commercial landlord, you may need to seize for unpaid rent, take your tenant to court to obtain an Order for Possession or evict your tenant. We can assist you with all of your tenant related challenges.

Process Service

crg collections07

With dedicated process servers across Alberta and BC, we offer fast, affordable and effective solutions for serving your legal documents.


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We motivate debtors to make restitution quickly.
This solution is ideal for smaller debts or for individuals without significant assets. 

A closer look at our Collection Recovery Services...

Collection Management

crg collections01

Our recovery process will commence immediately upon receipt of the account. The process will include verbal and written communication designed to motivate the responsible party to make restitution. Our Senior Recovery Specialists will carefully administer all assigned accounts to ensure conformance to our quality standards.

Personnel Training

crg collections02

To maximize results, it is important to have compliant, experienced, and knowledgeable collection specialists to manage your accounts. This is why we consistently invest in the continuing education and training of our employees to maintain our high performance standards. Our employees are professionally trained in investigation methods, collection strategies, negotiation techniques, and dispute management.

Collection Software

crg collections03

We employ state of the art collection software for duplicate file detection, file reconciliation reporting, collection letter production and editing, file transmission, and invoicing options. We use the most up-to-date collection software to manage and maintain our client accounts with the highest level of efficiency.

Protection of Data

crg collections04

We employ multiple layers of advanced internal controls to ensure the protection of all sensitive data. Preventive, detective, and technological controls are utilized to ensure that any and all instances of personal information are safeguarded. We take its role as a caretaker of the client's data seriously and protects this data using industry-leading tools, processes, and frameworks.

To speak with our collections experts, call 1.888.261.2744 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Locate Services

Knowing the debtor's situation is crucial to effective recovery. If you are unsure of employment, asset or even personal location, we can help you find out where to begin.

A closer look at our Location Services

So much of effective recovery depends on having good information. For legal proceedings, an address for service of documents must be obtained. For garnishment, a place of employment must be found. For seizure, the existence and location of assets must be determined. In all of these cases, Locate Services can assist in providing the information essential to pursuing the right course of recovery.

Our Locate Specialists have access to cutting edge tools, databases, web techniques, and deep industry connections developed over decades of experience. With the assistance of our locate services specialists, you will have the information necessary to proceed with effective recovery.

The types of information that our locate services can be hired to find include:

  • Place of Residence
  • Place of Employment
  • Date of Birth
  • Probate/Lawyer Search
  • Business Ownership
  • Asset Existence and Location
  • Credit Summary
crg locate01

To speak with our locate experts, call 403.303.5884 or




A little bit about Consolidated Recovery Group

Consolidated Recovery Group provides comprehensive debt recovery, civil enforcement and bailiff services. Our industry leading experience and expertise enable us to provide a complete spectrum of recovery services including: judgments, collections, civil enforcement, sale of land, vehicle recovery, document service, garnishment, and locate services.

We provide expert and professional guidance, evaluating each debt and determining the best recovery service applicable to you. Our team of knowledgeable professionals provides cost-effective custom tailored solutions to resolve your recovery problems.

With over 20 years of tried and trusted experience, Consolidated Recovery Group is Canada’s leading full service provider in debt and asset recovery. We have offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria as well as strategic contacts across Eastern Canada allowing us to manage all your Canadian recovery needs.

We can facilitate a higher recovery rate of your delinquent debt.
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